What Our Customers Say

“I came to know Chad and Drew through their Dad and his having long been in the business, but these guys have developed their own reputation of trustworthiness. If they say they will get back to me in two days, they do. I’d take their advice every single time.”
Woody Wooten
“We weren’t first time home buyers, but we were first-time custom home buyers. I don’t think we could have asked for a smoother process.”
Custom Home Owner
Cooper Place
“Yeah somebody could have built the home cheaper, but we wanted a builder with good subcontractors who did it the right way, versus having to come back and spend money later on.”
Derek and Ashley Ford
Custom Home Owners
“We are active in our neighborhood on Next Door, and are very careful who we recommend. We don’t hesitate to recommend them; it all goes back to reliability and trustworthiness.”
Larry and Barb Wetherell
Homeowners & HOA President
“I loved being able to log in and see what they were working on that day. I knew when the framers were going to be done, and when the electric was going in. I don’t think we could have asked for a smoother process.”
Custom Home Owner
Cooper Place
“Honesty is what determines a good person to me, they are straight shooters. Their observation and judgment is spot on.”
Billy Belding
President of Belding Construction
“If ever we wanted to add anything, they always came back with a price quickly, so we could move forward. Their understanding of budgeting lessened our stress.”
Custom Home Owner
Cooper Place

Blackston Custom Homes prides ourselves in the reputation of our family and our team. A reputation of building strong professional relationships and friendships rooted in a commitment to going above and beyond to keep our word.

We serve clients in the way we would want to be served. We believe it is that commitment that sets us apart.

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